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      Every company says its people are its most important asset and mostly that’s just lip service. But with us, it really is true because we’ve kicked shareholders out of the model. They just don’t exist as an interest group that we need to care about. Which in turn ensures profits don’t go to line the pockets of emotionally removed investors, but go directly back into our people and to the community.

      How good would you feel knowing that while you may have received a bonus as an employee, you were part of a business that provided a huge investment to the?social sector!

      VivCourt believes in purpose, in goals, in something tangible, something very real, something that not only makes us feel good but directly improves the very community that we live in. ?If this resonates with you, we'd love to hear from you!


      Interested in joining the team? These are the people we are looking for right now!


      Graduate Roles

      Graduate Software Developer ?Sydney ?(nb.?job listing not for immediate hire - for?2nd half of 2020, or January 2021)

      Graduate Trader ? Sydney ?(nb.?job listing not for immediate hire - for start in?January 2021)

      Senior Roles

      Senior Trader???? Sydney

      Senior Options Trader?? Sydney

      Please note, we will not accept any third party recruiter introductions for these advertised positions.
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